President's Message, September 2021

And it feels so good….

It’s only been one month – but I think I’m liking this new role of President. It feels so good, as it is a constant reminder of how much I’ve grown, and how much more I can grow – if I choose to, and I choose to!

My greatest challenge is to find the time, energy, and the path to make certain I can fit this role into my life well – to achieve and sustain that path, where we all thrive - together.

My motivation is you. I feel a strong responsibility to you – my ABWA sister. I want to make sure that we are doing all we can do – together, so that this is a place where you will continue to be inspired, inspire others, and grow – in whatever direction you choose.

It feels so good to have led our August meeting where everyone participated in the last-minute program change – you all shared your ABWA inspirations, ideas, interpretations, and vision of what it means to be a part of this organization, and your words continue to resonate and inspire me!

It also felt so good to revisit the foundation of what ABWA is built on, of which – the Core Values are most meaningful to me – why? Because I have seen that ABWA walks the talk - we walk the talk. A rare find, in my prior corporate world experience. I feel proud, grateful, and so fortunate to belong to this organization. My favorite take-away from the meeting was, “If we all modeled our businesses/lives based on the Core Values of ABWA – both our businesses and our lives are bound to thrive.” And I would add to that, and so would the world we live in.

It also feels so good to have received the responses to the Member Interest Survey from so many of you – I read every single one. Now, we move forward to incorporate your requests, your interests, and your ideas, into the Pathfinder mold – yes, this is how we roll. This is how we thrive together!

Your participation in all of the above - confirms for me, that we’re on the right track to thrive together. When empowered women work together, we are promoting a healthy community, and it feels so good!

To those of you who missed our meeting – you are so missed! There are several of you that I have interacted with and been inspired by time and again, over the years, and those of you I have just met, and I would like to know better. I personally miss seeing your lovely faces. It is my sincere hope to see you in September to re-join the fun with your ABWA sisters, re-visit the inspirations, reimagine the future with us, and share in our thriving community of incredible women! See you in September – reminds of the song from the 60’s – so sing the song and return to our next meeting! To see you again would feel so good!

I look forward to seeing you all in September as we gain momentum in the new fiscal year. I close with this anonymous quote, “One woman can change anything - many women can change everything.”

Thrive on and feel good - my ABWA sisters, as the journey together continues…

In Gratitude,

Rebecca Lalwani
2021-2022 Pathfinder President

September 2021 Newsletter

Find Your Way To Pathfinder Chapter

We meet the Third Wednesday every month
for the time being, we will meet live online.

Networking and SetUp at 6:45pm
Meeting begins at 7pm
As of September, 2020: $10 to attend

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