President's Message, March, 2023


It’s Women’s History Month and it is Women’s HerStory Month!

Every single time I think of the Women that came before us – their stories, and what they had to endure and sacrifice to light the paths for the women that were to follow – it just moves me to a place of awe.

Every time I have experienced a moment of weakness, I think of one of them to bring me back to my center: Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Helen Keller, just to name a few.

And every time I think of all the inspiring women I have encountered and continue to encounter in our organization, also, takes to a place of awe! How fortunate are we that we get to rub shoulders with such wonderful and inspiring women and learn from them!

But every time I think that I am now one of those women, too – a woman who can light the path for others –that simply brings me to my knees. I thank all the women I have encountered in ABWA for empowering me to a place where I truly can believe in myself, and I, too – by being inspired by you – can inspire others…

Her words are beautiful, her layers deep. She decided to go on an adventure, she decided to take the leap.

She had an idea of the destination she sought but remained open to allowing her path to unfurl before her. As she journeyed her way up the mountain, solo – she feared not. She engaged in conversation with strangers. How often people walk by without exchange – but she acknowledged everyone around her, as she sees everyone in her presence a gift that she warmly accepts into her world . And they in turn, accept her and all that is different about her - into their world.

This is my story, and my experience, in the World of ABWA.

And now it’s your turn to Discover Your Story – in the World of ABWA!

Don’t miss out – join us at our next Virtual Chapter Meeting on Wednesday, March 15th to marvel in this incredible path of discovery with our Program: Discovering Your HerStory!

In closing – I leave you with this quote from Michelle Obama, “Don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us courage is contagious, and hope can take on a life of its own”

Happy Trails of Discovery to You Lovely Ladies!

Rebecca Lalwani
2022-2023 Pathfinder President

March 2023 Newsletter

Find Your Way To Pathfinder Chapter

We meet the Third Wednesday every month
for the time being, we will meet live online.

Networking and SetUp at 6:45pm
Meeting begins at 7pm
As of September, 2020: $10 to attend

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