President's Message, September, 2022

If you are not learning – you are not living!

It’s my Mother’s Birthday month, and I am remembering all things beautiful about her.

What stands out the most today is how she instilled a love of learning in me, both by example and by exposing me to the gazillion ways we can learn something new each day. Her voice echoes in my ears, “If you are not learning, you are not living!”

I strongly believe if she had known about ABWA in her early days here – not only would she have jumped on the bandwagon faster than a blink of an eye, she would also have made certain every woman she knew, jumped on, too, and so once again, I follow her lead.

I see that common thread in all of us at Pathfinder; we all love learning, we enjoy our monthly programs, and the many other resources for learning available to us through our Membership, AND we all want to remain relevant!

So that’s why your Pathfinder Budget Committee/Board did something really special for our members this year. And I want to be 100% certain that all of you know that this something special is available to you, right now!

Pathfinder is giving every active member in good standing up to $100 reimbursement to take classes on Community Connections! There are a variety of classes available to us; some could interest anyone and everyone!

I am super excited about this added perk to our membership, and I just signed up for a class that interested me on Managing and Running Great Staff Meetings. I never even knew this class was available and I could have benefitted from it years ago! If only I had just taken a look….

Therefore, Ladies, I invite each and every one of you to just take a look and peruse each of the four categories on the website under Community Connections: School of Lean, School of Six Sigma, Summer Summit, and Email, Time and Tech Productivity. Most of the classes cost $25.00 for which you will be reimbursed, and you can take them on your own timeline within 45 days of registration – meaning, when it is convenient for you! What a luxury that is! And I reiterate, there is something for everyone!

So, what are you waiting for Pathfinder members? Maximize your Membership Experience today!

In closing, I leave you with an all-time favorite quote of my Mother, which has now become one of my favorites. It is by Mahatma Gandhi, “Live - as if you were to die tomorrow. LEARN as if you were to live forever…”

Rebecca Lalwani
2022-2023 Pathfinder President

September 2022 Newsletter

Find Your Way To Pathfinder Chapter

We meet the Third Wednesday every month
for the time being, we will meet live online.

Networking and SetUp at 6:45pm
Meeting begins at 7pm
As of September, 2020: $10 to attend

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